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After years of being experimented on, genetically modified, and grown in test tubes a power surge took place in the Project Kama Amazon Jungle black site.

All 3,750 test subjects escaped, forming their own society shrouded in mystery deep in the world’s largest jungle.


We aim to create a world-first project that sets the precedent for NFT projects going forwards. With unheard-of utilities and a complete community-controlled project, we will disrupt the industry.


Through our world-first create to earn utility we facilitate creative focused events that allow holders to generate real-world wealth.


Project owners control the majority of projects. The Kama community decides on who is whitelisted, and holders decide on the future of the project.


The majority of NFT projects have the same utilities that bring no tangible benefits to their holders or potential buyers.  We have changed that.


With so much misinformation in the NFT space, we have created the Kama Academy which will teach holders how to create NFT’s, stay safe, and more.


We aim to create a world-first project that sets the precedent for NFT projects going forwards. With unheard-of utilities and a complete community-controlled project, we will disrupt the industry.

A world-first project that pairs the benefits of the blockchain with physical objects, that can be used to earn KAMA$ and in turn create fiat wealth.

A completely community controlled project that votes on what the Kama Treasury spends accured ETH on, such as events, charitable efforts or new utilities for the project.

A project with utilities that will change the NFT industry, we have rethought every aspect of an NFT project and improved where we can.

Continual charitable and do good initiatives with an inital $15,000 being donated to charity along with the planting of 15,000 trees in the Amazon.

A project built by industry experts, with years of experience delivering commercial projects to some of the world’s largest brands.

Integration with web2 & web3 platforms to create a long-term project that will provide continual benefits to all holders of KamaLabs projects.


The majority of NFT projects have the same utilities that bring no tangible benefits to their holders or potential buyers.
We have changed that.



A world-first create-to-earn utility rewarding the most creative holders with KAMA$ tokens which are ERC-20 tokens that can be converted into their local currency.

Regular events will be held both in physical and digital mediums allowing for creatives to showcase their talent in a variety of forms. Each holder will be entitled to a physical Kama artwork.



To ensure the team takes the project in the right direction all Kama holders will have the ability to vote on where the community treasury funds are allocated.

Options for allocation will include: The development of new features, charitable donations, and buying community-created NFT’s to then giveaway to the Kama holders.


Over $15,000 will be donated to causes such as mental health, cancer research, Taiphon Rai relief efforts, heart disease research and many more.

For every 500 Kama Chameleons minted, there will be 1,000 trees planted in the Amazon. 15,000 trees will be planted in total on behalf of the Kama Chameleons holders.


Every holder of a Kama Chameleon will have access to the KamaLabs. Inside this lab, you’ll find resources on the NFT space including how to avoid scams, tips on creating your own project, and exclusive AMAs with crypto experts.

All KamaLabs Pass holders have early access to our next collection, Kama Toucans.



The Metaverse will be a complex technical experience built in the future, as we are doing in the real world with our conservation tree planting efforts we want to conserve the beauty of the world around us. Our Metaverse space known as ‘The Sanctuary’ will be a peaceful oasis where the Kama community can come to relax, network, and learn about themselves and the world around them.

Events and classes will be held focused on spirituality, inner health, mental health, conservation, and topics to genuinely help people. The Sanctuary will be an inclusive space for all those in the KamaLabs communities.


The digital realm of blockchain NFT meets tangible physical art, creative events, and world-first features.


There are four social clans in the Kama Chameleons section, other NFT projects rank their rarity from 9999 to 1, Kama Chameleons will have four separate rarity scales within the project, one for each clan. This will increase collectibility and trading within the project due to each clan having access to unique traits, utilities, and opportunities.


The Grunts are the most common Kama clan. They have the largest amount of properties and make up a majority of Kama’s in the collection.


The KamaNet enforce the ruling from The Brotherhood. They are born with unique traits such as axe tails and have access to combat-related properties.


The Techo’s are the most intelligent in the Kama society, they progress the population in scientific, cultural and artistic advances.


The Brotherhood controls the Kama society and enforce The Prophet’s decisions for the society. The Brotherhood have their own exclusive properties.



The team behind Kama Chameleons is comprised of world-class commercial artists, designers, animators, developers, and marketing professionals. The team is a mixture of agency owners and independent freelancers, with notable global clients including Lamborghini, Canon, and Pinterest.


With over 7 years in international design, development, and marketing – The Visionary is the CEO of Kama Labs as well as a digital creative and web agency that works with clients in a variety of industries across the globe.


As a commercial illustrator with over 5 years of experience, the Guru has worked across a variety of mediums and created work for brands, musicians, and communities. He has hand-drawn every Kama property.


The Magician is our in-house animator, who has years of experience working in a variety of industries. He has created all the marketing collateral, marketing videos and even our legendary animated Kama’s!


With 12 years experience in digital marketing, The Oracle is leading the Kama’s online as our CMO, all whilst mentoring global clientelle on how to utilise digital media & new tech to scale businesses.


The Alchemist is a marketing and IT expert with over 5+ years of experience. He is the Kama labs Marketing Strategist & Creative brain. He found his passion in Crypto & NFT’s back in 2019.


The Soulless is our smart contract developer and discord bot developer. With over 5 years experience in smart contract development he’s an expert in everything blockchain.